amy irving house 'House': Amy Irving, Post traumatic Syringomyelia and go kartsAmy Irving was the patient of the week on “House,” making a great cameo as a depressed writer. And the fun extracurricular activity was the House & Cuddy & Sam & Wilson double-date.


Alice Tanner the famous author is depressed, cranky and seeing a live
materialization of her lead character Jack Cannon, Boy Detective (with
a scar on his cheek). After trying to shoot herself and getting admitted for a psych evaluation, the doctors catch ALice talking to this imaginary
boy and also manage to set her leg on fire when they MRI her after she has
lied about the three surgical pins in her leg she says are from a skiing accident.

House then tricks her into an additional 24 hours psych evaluation by
offering her a way out that doesn’t actually kill her, but lets them
keep her there because she tried to kill herself again. Sneaky. That’s our House.

After figuring out a way (extremely clever way) to read Alice’s novel, House berates her about the way she is ending her book series and she snaps at him, then goes paralyzed. Taub puts it together that her skiing accident (which was actually a car crash) caused Post-traumatic Syringomyelia, which is a cyst caused by the car accident that is now pressing on her spinal cord and causing all her symptoms.

Alice refuses surgery to have the cyst removed and did we all figure out that her real son Jack was killed in the car accident? We don’t normally figured things out on this show before House, but that one we saw coming as soon as the skiing accident turned out to be a car crash.

House informs Alice (real name Helen) that the crash didn’t kill her son (the imaginary boy she talks to), a brain aneurysm did and that there was nothing she could’ve done. He would have died that day anyway. But we suspect House just lied to make her stop feeling guilty about letting her son drive that night. And we are right. Aww, House.


House and Cuddy go go-karting with Sam and Wilson, after House and Sam adorably bond over being fans of Alice Tanner’s books. Sam is also just as pumped about go-karts as House. We really like the idea of Sam and House becoming buddies over stuff like this.

The go-karts also bring out Cuddy’s competitive side, but she’s no match for Sam, who crashes Wilson and Cuddy and can only be taken out by House (who cheats, naturally). House is distressed that he and Cuddy don’t have anything in common, but it turns out Cuddy doesn’t care because they make each other better and what they have is uncommon. Aww, again.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We loved this episode. Amy Irving was great, the double-date was hilarious (more Sam and House, please) and the Huddy moment at the end was outstanding.
  • But what we really loved was seeing the more human House. We don’t want him to completely change (that would be really boring), but seeing him care about Alice and her books was nice.

What did you think about “Unwritten”?

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