house terra nova tca 'House' and 'Terra Nova' still awaiting word on their fatesBack at last summer’s TV critics press tour, FOX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said he’d likely make a decision in the fall about whether this season would be the last one for “House.”

It was also widely assumed that FOX would have made a call on “Terra Nova” by now, since options on most of the actors expired at the end of December and the digital effects-heavy production would need to ramp up soon to deliver a second season in the fall.

Neither of those things has happened yet. Reilly joked Sunday (Jan. 8) at the current edition of the press tour that “we’ve done a good job of avoiding some of these big decisions until after the session.”

With “House,” Reilly says he and creator David Shore agreed to hold off on talks until after the new year. “We’re talking, obviously, as we go. We haven’t had the big meeting about what do we want to do,” Reilly says.

“We’re going to size everything up — it’s no secret that last year we said it was going to be a close call and probably it’s the last year, but honestly we just haven’t made a decision.”

If the call is to end “House” after this season, though, Reilly says there’s still enough time for Shore and Co. to craft a series finale: “Should it be the last season, this is not going to be an unceremonious finish, I can tell you that.”

As for “Terra Nova,” Reilly acknowledges the show “was hunting for itself creatively through the season,” but he professes to be happy with its ratings performance: It averaged 9.7 million viewers and a 3.4 rating among adults 18-49, which is second among the fall’s crop of new dramas (behind “Once Upon a Time”).

“The fact is, if this is all we produce, we made money on it, the studio made money on it, the audience enjoyed it,” he says. “… We’re trying to figure out as a network that’s pretty strong across the week right now, is that the best show. If we had a bit more holes on our network, we’d be thrilled to just lock [‘Terra Nova’] right in. … We’re going to decide very soon, because it does need to get back into production over the next month.”

What do you think? Would you keep one show, both, neither?

Posted by:Rick Porter