jennifer morrison house 320 'House': Cameron and Chase say goodbye with a bang

Like that headline?
It’s quite literal, isn’t it?
Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) returned to Princeton Plainsboro and she and Chase (Jesse Spencer) finally fleshed out their demise.
And then they did it one last time … though knowing that Cameron will be back for a handful of episodes next season makes me think that their divorce is really just putting a pin in this relationship.
What do you think?
Have we seen the last of Chase and Cameron?
How do you feel about what went down between them this week?

I realize this might not mesh with popular opinion, but the special episodes of “House” — this Monday’s being a lovely example of one — are the best.

Sure, there was no case of the week to solve, but that means there was room for many tender, funny, insightful moments from each of the main characters … including Cameron and Chase, of course.
Weigh in below…
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Photo credit: FOX
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh