patrick stump getty 'House' casts Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy fameYou probably know Patrick Stump best from his days alongside Pete Wentz as the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. (Don’t even pretend you didn’t rock out to “Sugar We’re Going Down” in your car.)

More recently, he’s broken out on his own as a successful solo artist.

Stump announced last month that he planned to take a break from music, after some of the hatred and threats spewed his way left him a bit disheartened about the gig.

“I’ve managed to cobble together some work…I’ve been moonlighting as a
professional songwriter/producer for hire and I’ve even been doing a bit
of acting here and there. I have no interest (and evidently that
sentiment is reciprocated) in performing music publicly any time soon
but as I’ve said I’m sure that will happen when it happens,” he wrote on his blog.

That “bit of acting” includes an upcoming guest appearance on “House.” Stump will star in the April 16 episode, in which the team diagnoses a patient who has been crying tears of blood. Elsewhere, Dr. House will be in search of a new favorite prostitute. So, you know. One of those weeks.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie