house transplant 'House': Change we can believe in?Given who Greg House is, it’s no surprise that he didn’t react well to all the changes at Princeton Plainsboro on Monday’s (Oct. 10) “House.”

But to the show’s credit, it looks like House is going to have to deal with that for at least a little while longer. Foreman (Omar Epps) is now the dean of medicine at the hospital, Taub (Peter Jacobson), Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) and Chase (Jesse Spencer) are nowhere to be seen — not even in the opening credits — and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) doesn’t really want anything to do with his former friend.

For most of the episode, anyway. The case of the week involves a patient of Wilson’s who’s awaiting a lung transplant. House is called in to diagnose a problem with the donor lungs, and House uses that as a chance to wear down Wilson’s resistance and prove for the millionth time that people don’t really change. Yes, Wilson gets to punch House in the face — which even House admits he has coming — but by the end of the hour, he’s at least ready to consider a resumption of their co-dependent relationship.

House’s “team,” meanwhile, consists of one person, exiled neurology resident Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi), who’s tiny, still lives with her parents and seems scared, except for the reason she’s been assigned to House: She punched her attending after he grabbed her butt. She’s also really smart, and the way Yi and Hugh Laurie play off each other shows promise for their relationship.

We’re also looking forward to next week’s episode, the return of Thirteen and the introduction of Odette Annable‘s character, Dr. Jessica Adams, to the hospital as House tries to rebuild his team. You can see a bit of that, along with Yi, Laurie, Annable and Wilde discussing the new work situation, in the video below.

What did you think of “House” Monday? Do you like the new regime at the hospital?

Posted by:Rick Porter