spencer-morrison-house-320.jpgOh, “House”!

The passion this show inspires from its fans is a beautiful thing, but can be a bit overwhelming at times.

This seems evident on the face of series creator David Shore in the interview you’ll see below.

Shore, who is in many ways a genius and who obviously works very hard to keep the “House” world afloat, seemed just a tiny bit pained when KTV correspondent Marisa Roffman brought up the Jennifer Morrison situation at a recent FOX party.

Will we get resolution for the Cameron-Chase storyline now that Morrison is no longer with the show?, she wanted to know. “I hope so,” said Shore, “I’ve sort of given up on talking about that because I only get in trouble when I talk about it.”

But with Morrison returning to “House” for one episode later this season, sources tell me we will absolutely get resolution.

If my intel is correct and Morrison’s special ep is the one which Hugh Laurie is directing, then Shore actually shared a little more on what we can expect from the hour: “There’s a bit of a lock down in the hospital. It’s an interesting
story. [There are] several smaller stories in one episode and Hugh’s
going to direct them.”

In fact, this goes along with what I’ve been told about Morrison’s return ep, that an emergency at Princeton Plainsboro traps both employees and patients inside and no one is allowed to leave. The lock down may or may not put a certain former couple in a position where they’re alone together for a long period of time.

But there is, of course, more to “House” than Cam and Chase, and Shore was very kind to discuss several of these other subjects.

Regarding House and Wilson living together, Shore revealed that they will continue to co-habitate for pretty much the whole season. He said he didn’t want to give away the ending, but yes, we can expect them to stay roomies for some time. 

He also talked about how much fun they had with the recent Wilson-centered episode and how much they like the upcoming Cuddy-centered ep. He said that doing more hours focused on other supporting characters is not out of the question: “It’s great seeing House’s world from somebody else’s perspective.”

Regarding Cuddy and her new man, Lucas, Shore shared that they will keep that going for a while, though they certainly haven’t forgotten about Cuddy and House: “[Lucas and Cuddy will stay together] for the forseeable future. It’s not going to be permanent, but yeah, I kinda like Lucas, so we’ll see where it goes. I like House too. And I like House more. I’ll tell you that much.”

Thanks, Mr. Shore!

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