Rockfordfiles_comp_290 NBC’s last couple attempts at reworking shows from its library haven’t gone so well, but the network is still trying — this time with its 1970s series “The Rockford Files.”

The network has asked “House” creator David Shore to take a crack at updating the classic private-eye show that starred James Garner as the easygoing, Firebird-driving Jim Rockford. Shore says he’s a big fan of the old show, which won the Emmy for best drama in 1978.

“It’s one of the shows that made me want to become a writer,” he tells Variety. “I had no interest in adapting any old stuff, but this was the one exception.”

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Carousel Television, the production company headed by “The Office” star Steve Carell, will produce the project with Universal Media Studios, which also produces “House.”

Shore says he that beyond transplanting the show to the present day, he doesn’t want to mess with the format too much. Jim Rockford will still be working to make ends meet and still have trouble getting clients to pay him.

“What makes ‘Rockford’ timeless is that he’s vulnerable, he’s flawed,” Shore tells Variety. “He’s used to hustling and getting hustled. Sometimes he’s a hero and sometimes he runs away.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter