” panel last night, during which a great deal of info regarding the upcoming fall season slipped out. The highlights?

The story will pretty much pick right back up where it left off in the finale, with House being admitted to a mental institution after hallucinating a sexual encounter with Cuddy. The season premiere will cover the three month span that House is in rehab.

While there, House (who’ll be sporting a shaved head, fyi) will be spending a lot of one-on-one time with a doctor by the name of Nolan (“Gideon’s Crossing”‘s Andre Braugher). Of course, House doesn’t feel he needs to be locked up and in therapy, but he needs Dr. Nolan’s seal of approval if he ever wants to practice medicine again, so there will be some friction no doubt… hope Nolan’s not gonna be another Officer Twitter-type.

The team back at Princeton Plainsboro is going to go a little crazy without House around to check their work. Thankfully, though, our guy won’t be gone for long. He will return to the hospital and, ultimately, have to deal with why he was hallucinating about Huddy sex.

Said Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy), “I loved [the hallucination storyline], it means they

can still have sex because they haven’t done it yet! But [the hallucination]

shows what he wishes he had, wanting an intimate relationship with her and wanting to be off drugs.”

So, yeah, thoughts? Do you agree?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh