So, I just got off a teleconference with House executive producer Katie Jacobs, and the call couldn’t have come at a better time given last night’s relationship-heavy episode, no?

Of course, the major question on most people’s mind is, how is this House-Cuddy thing going to play out now that they have not only kissed, but it is also clear that House is actually considering the fact that he has feelings for her.

Well… when Jacobs was asked whether or not viewers should brace themselves for one of TV’s most unorthodox love affairs, she pretty much said yes. From what I understand, the Huddy storyline will continue to play out over the course of several episodes this season. As you may imagine, it won’t overtake the series — as House eps will always revolve around the medical mysteries — However, the upcoming patients-of-the-week will tie into Princeton Plainsboro’s personal stories and allow the House-Cuddy relationship to reveal itself little by little.

Said Jacobs, "I don’t think that it will go on in a sort of predictable — okay, now everything is shifting and this is the story — kind of way. We explore it in a very Housian way, which is, it’s there… and now what do we do? But don’t expect to see dates or see them going to the movies. It’s not going to unfold like that!"

If you are a Huddy fan and are feeling the chemistry, you can look forward to December’s Christmas episode, in which Jacobs said there is a very satisfying surprise for Cuddy and for House, in a personal kind of way. But she was quick to add this: "I do not mean that they wind up embracing each other and [confessing their love]. You know, it’s Housian, it’s left of center."

Could it have something to do with a baby? I honestly don’t know, but I can say for sure that we will see more of the Cuddy motherhood storyline in the coming months. That is a ball that won’t be dropped.

If you’re not a Huddy fan and are still holding out hope for him and Cameron, don’t think all is lost. The road is long and Jacobs mentioned that they don’t know where House will ultimately end up: "[House and Cuddy] may not be right for each other! I like the fact that some people like it and some people don’t, because I think that that’s what’s so interesting to us about the relationship. Right now, I could make a case for it and I could make a case against it. The fact that there are two sides, that feels real to me."

As far as his chemistry with Cameron goes, Jacobs basically said the cranky doc is holding all the cards. "I think it’s mostly going to be up to House. I think that he could have a relationship with any one of [the women he works with]! I think that House, as a character, as a whole, has an emptiness. And I think that what most of these women want to do is see if they can ease his pain somehow and be the one to smooth out those rough edges… But he’s got to be in the mind space and be in a place where he’s ready to make himself vulnerable. I don’t see him as being in that place entirely at the moment. But at times, I think we’ve seen glimpses of him getting closer."

Me? I like House with Cuddy. They seem evenly matched. Though Cameron knows House well, I’ll always view him as her superior, and I liked what they did with her and Chase last night. You?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh