Less than 24 hours ago, all was seemingly well with Dr. House's newer class of ducklings, as Kutner, Taub and 13 caught a Sunday Lakers game at the Staples Center together.

Socializing outside of work, Kutner, Taub and 13 — otherwise known to their mothers as Kal Penn, Peter Jacobson and Olivia Wilde — were approached by a fellow basketball fan who stopped to say, I love you guys on "Grey's Anatomy"!

How do I know? 'Cause Kal hilariously tweeted about it while courtside here in Los Angeles.

But if you are here in Los Angeles, or anywhere on the West coast for that matter, and haven't yet seen tonight's "House," I suggest you stop reading now because one of the happy sports nuts on House's team whom I've just mentioned is going to bite the dust this evening. And I'm about to talk about it.

Of course, all you internet spoilerphiles have known for a little over two weeks that a "House" death is coming, but it'll still knock the wind out of you when you find out who we're losing.

Can I get an Amen from those of you who have seen it? I honestly thought we were losing Taub, and though I like both him and Kutner, the loss of Kutner just hurts more. I'm not really sure why. And it came out of nowhere, am I right?

I don't know, I'm distraught. He was too young, too talented and too kind to go. This sort of awfulness happens in real life, why does it have to happen on fictional TV too? I don't like it. Bad decision.

My only solace? Kutner did want to date Amber, remember? Maybe they can get that whole thing going up in Heaven. I don't think Wilson would really mind.

Visit Princeton Plainsboro's memorial to see how House and company are dealing with Kutner's death. And feel free to leave your condolences for their friend/colleague in the comments section and/or express how you feel by voting in the poll below…

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