zap photo odette annable house gallery 420 'House' ending: Odette Annable 'bittersweet'Odette Annable will have had a relatively brief “House” call.

FOX’s Monday medical drama will call it a wrap at the end of its eighth and current season May 21. Since she joined the show only last fall, Annable will have an ultimately compact arc as Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital newbie Dr. Jessica Adams, but she remains grateful as she begins work on the final set of episodes.

“I think everybody had their suspicions and their thoughts about what would happen regarding next year,” Annable tells Zap2it. “For the most part, it really was 50-50. A lot of people thought there was no way they could end the show now, since it still has so much juice and is so well-written and well-produced.

“Then, other people thought, ‘Well, it’s eight years of great storytelling and compelling characters. We might as well end it while we’re ahead.’ I thought this might be the last year, but I also could see how we could keep going. The decision was some breaking news, definitely.”

Previously seen on the ABC series “October Road” and in such movies as “Cloverfield” and “You Again,” Annable says her “House” alter ego “is unlike any other character I’ve ever played, and I’ve had so much fun discovering her. I’m still learning about her, which makes it so sad that we’re almost done. I’ll never really, truly know everything about her, but that’s all right.”

Indeed, Annable reflects, “I’m just so grateful to have been a part of this show to begin with. Working with Hugh Laurie, I’ll take that with me forever. He’s such a wonderful man and such a fantastic actor, and he’ll go on to do great, great things. House will live in everybody’s hearts forever; how could you not be affected by a brilliant character like that? It’s very bittersweet.”

At the same time Annable is ending one FOX job, she’s rebooting another: She’ll be back as security-firm employee Melanie when the comedy “Breaking In” starts its second season Tuesday, March 6. Because “House” also has needed her services, she appears in only the first five of the sitcom’s 13 new episodes. She admits she’s not likely to tackle two series roles simultaneously again.

“No … never,” confirms the wife of former “Brothers & Sisters” co-star Dave Annable. “I still have one more episode of ‘Breaking In’ to shoot, then my life will get back to normal. When it rains, it pours, though. I told myself I needed a challenge, and I’m going to pat myself on the back. I have definitely risen to the occasion, and hopefully, it will all pay off. And I’m glad I did it.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin