, the bitter, cynical, atheist priest with a drinking problem was it.

In addition to all the faithless heathenry, the priest also sees a vision of a levitating Christ and says to him "That's not funny, freak." Thus, I think this proves that the savior does not appreciate name calling, as shortly thereafter, the priest is in House's care. Also, his toe turns black and falls off, he gets chest pains, loses his vision and gets covered in boils. That's some Old Testament smiting right there!

Huddy: Cuddy is welcoming the new baby into her Jewish heritage and tries to trick House into not showing up by inviting him. Which works until Wilson undermines her by talking House into actually going. So she tells House that she doesn't want him there and he agrees not to attend, which is when she realizes that she really DOES want him there. These people did get advanced medical degrees, right? How come they are acting like middle school students?

Foreteen: House concedes that he helped Foreman with the situation around the clinical trial in order to save his license. However, he did not say it would save his job. He gives the couple an ultimatum: break up or get fired. It's an uninteresting plot, as Foreman was already fired once. They try to up the ante this time by having Cuddy refuse to write him a letter of recommendation, impeding his ability to get a job. But the last time he was fired, he couldn't get a job because he is viewed in the medical community as a canon that is just as loose as House, only with less of the genius. Making the aforementioned plot device pointless. And in the end, he and 13 both get to toss insults, bicker annoyingly AND keep their jobs, making the entire story arc equally pointless.

The Odd Couple: Lately Kutner and Taub seem to exist merely to disagree with each other. Tonight, Kutner believed the priest was innocent of molestation charges while Taub didn't. In fact, Taub decides to break HIPAA  law and contact the boy who made the molestation accusation to tell him he should get tested for AIDS. Instead, the kid shows up at the hospital to apologize to the priest.

The Epiphany: It starts when Wilson tells House to overlook Cuddy's religious hypocrisy in order to not feel like a hypocrite for showing up at her shindig. Instead, House decides to overlook symptoms and when he takes away the hallucination of Christ, he's left with Wiscott-Aldridge syndrome. Which looks like AIDS but is genetic, like a gift from God. The vision of Jesus was therefore brought on by all the scotch the POTW was drinking. All the same, it appears to strengthen the POTW's lost faith when he considers the series of coincidences that brought him to House and his eventual diagnosis.


Cuddy: What are you doing Friday night?
House: Taking a lovely lady to the philharmonic.
Cuddy: So, spending the night with a hooker?
House: Two. You can't create a harmonic with only one.

POTW: Coincidence brought me to you in the first place.
House: You promised you wouldn't go there.
POTW: Einstein said that coincidence was God's way of staying anonymous.
House: And a woman in Florida said 'Look! Jesus is on my cheese sandwich!'

What do you think? Was House's case browsing the work of a higher power? Was 13 right about Foreman clinging to House out of fear? And if that is the case, how come he's just as controlling and manipulative as she is in regards to their relationship? Given that he was fearless about ricking his license for her, is his fear relegated exclusively to his relationship with House? And how long until Cuddy finally DOES get House? It seems like when a virginal priest can tell that they are hot for each other, it's time to just deal with it, don't you think?

Posted by:Jessica Paff