Whatever beach Dr. Greg House ended up on in the final shot of last season apparently wasn’t far enough away to escape the law.

As you can see in the teaser for “House’s” eighth season, the good doctor (Hugh Laurie) will be spending some time in the hoosegow when things pick back up. We’re assuming that’s because he’ll pay some price for ramming his car into Cuddy’s house.

House’s location at the start of the season will probably also help explain how he meets Odette Annable‘s character, who’s a prison doctor. Also, judging by the looks of the promo, his fellow inmates don’t exactly warm to House’s personality.

While we doubt House will end up doing a very long stretch in lockup, it’s nice to see the show not letting the character off the hook for his actions at the end of last season.

What do you think of the teaser? How long do you think it will be until House is back at work?

Season 8 of “House” premieres Monday, Oct. 3.

Posted by:Rick Porter