There are perks to this job.

Getting two minutes one-on-one with Hugh Laurie definitely qualifies.

He’s like the coolest man alive.

I don’t know if that comes through in this short, little video clip — during which we talk about Monday’s two-hour premiere, how he felt about being the only “House” series regular to star in it, etc. — but it’s true.

The guy’s got jokes… always subtle, off-the-cuff… very, you know, British.

And though he probably doesn’t enjoy doing press — while sitting through an interview, I imagine all sorts of House-ian type commentary going through his head — he is always gracious.

Oh good God, I do go on.

Sorry, I like the guy…

By the way, the premiere is fantastic. Curious to hear what you guys will think, but for me, easily one of the finest pieces of work “House” has put together over the past five years.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh