jennifermorrison.jpgIs Jennifer Morrison exiting “House“?

Insiders close to the FOX series say, indeed she is.

As first reported by, Morrison’s character Dr. Cameron will be written out of the show this season. She is not being killed off, and the possibility for her return as a guest star is still there, but she’ll no longer be a series regular.

The news has not been officially confirmed, and the show has no comment, however fans of the character should most definitely prepare for the loss as sources say it will happen later this fall.

This will no doubt disappointing for all the viewers who were hoping to see more of Morrison’s Cameron — as well as her on screen husband, Chase (Jesse Spencer) — this year.

“House” scenes for both actors have been in short supply over the last two seasons since the series added a new group of “ducklings” to the cast in 2007, graduating Cameron and Chase to other hospital departments.

However, with the cranky Dr. House suffering from some mental issues in this year’s storyline, creator David Shore — as you’ll see if you watch the clip below — promised Cam & Chase would be back in the mix, picking up the slack for him…

Hmm, I guess the Cam portion of that Cam & Chase revival will be short lived…


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