house604 290 'House': Lee Tergesen believes in KarmaLast week on “House“, Chase completely disregarded the hippocratic oath by faking test results so that the POTW would get incorrect treatment, thus killing him. Will there be consequences tonight?

That depends on what you mean by consequences. When a mortality review is called, Chase and Foreman spend much of the episode trying to figure out a way to cover up a rather large variation in the cholesterol levels from two blood samples, as they came from two different patients. They also attempt to find a way to get out of presenting the case and generally sneak around under the guise of “preparation”.  So much so that Chase stops sleeping with his new bride and Cameron starts getting suspicious. Also suspicious is House, who puts together what is going on and gives them the out they need. It doesn’t seem the quell Cameron’s worries, however.

The other big relationship issue if Foreteen. At least, they attempt to make it a big issue, with 13 booking a trip to Thailand, which gets cancelled. She bounces about trying to figure out who cancelled it, when it was obviously House – though Wilson takes the blame for it. He says he wants her to stay on the team because she’s good for House. House says he doesn’t want her on the team, but he actually does. Foreman thinks she’s over him but she’s not. I have no idea why I am supposed to care.

Then, of course, there is the POTW. He’s the son of a very rich widower who has tried to get the very best care. Which is what brings him to House’s team, which is not really House’s team, since House isn’t licensed and Foreman is in charge. Of course, as Chase points out, even when House isn’t in charge…he’s still in charge. It’s a matter that seems to irritate Foreman to no small degree either. Anyway, there is nothing terrifically remarkable about the POTW and the case follows the expected route of misdiagnosis, worsening symptoms, odd ball coincidences and so forth. What’s remarkable is that the father believes in karma.

He doesn’t just believe it in a vague new-agey sort of way either. He blindly believes it so strongly that he hits upon the conviction that no one can have as much wealth as he does without also paying a price somewhere else. And because he doesn’t want his child to die (and understandably so) he forces himself into complete bankruptcy, thinking that if he’s destitute, his son with live. Lucky for him, House hits upon the correct diagnosis not long after he gets rid of all his assets, so his boy gets to live.

More interesting than that, however, is that House doesn’t argue the point with the father. Sure, he pokes fun at him once or twice, but no where near to the degree of ridicule we’ve seen him have in the past. Further, House tells Cuddy that he wants Foreman to stay in charge. He attempts to attribute it to the fact that it frees him up to concentrate on the puzzles without having to deal with the power, but Cuddy points out that he liked the power. House acknowledges that, but wonders if the combination wasn’t part of his downfall. Given Chase’s assessment that even when he’s not in charge- he is, are we looking at a possible relapse? The previews for next week seem to toy with the idea.

The funny:

Foreman: So, I get none of responsibility and all of the liability?
House; Which means I get…oh, cool!

Foreman: When will he get his license back so we can stop playing this game?
House; Maybe never, I like this game!

Rich Dad: Are you Dr. House?
House: I understand your a big fan. I’ll have my people send over a signed glossy.

Do you believe this vague sense of withholding is enough of a reason for Cameron to not only leave Chase, but to leave PPH altogether? Is House headed towards another mental break? And where was his psychiatrist this week? 

Posted by:Jessica Paff