weston-edelstein-house.jpgEarlier this week, the readers of KTV got a chance to express their opinions regarding the Lucas-Cuddy relationship on “House” and, well, it wasn’t pretty.

Seems many are displeased with the producers’ fondness for the character of Lucas (Michael Weston) and the fact that both Katie Jacobs and David Shore said he’d be sticking around for awhile. 

But it looks as though “awhile” won’t last all that long.

Michael Weston has signed on to play a lead role in the Off-Broadway play “Extinction” alongside “Psych”‘s James Roday. The play is scheduled to debut February 13.

By our estimation, “House” is currently working on episode 18 or 19, which means the cast and crew still have at least a few more hours and a few more weeks of production ahead of them. If you do the math, it seems improbable that Weston will be around for the “House” finale.

This isn’t a huge surprise considering the fact that Jacobs and Shore did say that the Lucas-Cuddy relationship wouldn’t last forever, but many of you were still wondering what the exact time line would be.

The news of Weston’s latest endeavor could be a clue.


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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh