Billion-Euro-House.jpgEver wanted a house made of money? Well, there is one in Ireland.  Check out this apartment in central Dublin built from 1.4 billion euros ($1.82 billion). Yes, we said “from.” This place is actually made of money.

The “Billion Euro House” was built to make a point. Ireland has gone through massive financial struggles in the wake of a massive property bubble that,
post-crash, rendered the nation helpess. The house was actually built for next to nothing using largely recycled
materials including a couple of trailer-fulls of decommissioned euro
bank notes.

The artist behind the creation was a victim of the crash himself and had a friend commit suicide over the financial crash. Turning tragedy into art, Buckley located an abandoned office building and turned it into a three room money house. The national mint game him permission to take 1.4 billion euro (shredded) and turn them into bricks. The place is apparently so warm that he doesn’t need a blanket.

Buckley has launched a Billion Euro House website filled with pictures of the house. Check out his Flickr account for more.

Posted by:jbusch