house of cards season 1 episode 4 'House of Cards' Season 1 episode 4: Older men hurt you, then discard you“House of Cards” returns for Season 2 on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 14 — happy Valentine’s Day, right? — and in preparation, Zap2it is taking a quick look back at the first season. On tap Wednesday (Feb. 5) is “Chapter 4.”

Where we are:

Frank keeps lining up the pieces in his chess match against President Walker. This time his play is to get David Rasmussen (the House majority leader) to make a run at the speaker of the house position because Rasmussen is someone he can control (and who will owe him).

The black caucus is on board thanks to Frank wheeling and dealing with Terry Womack, who will be the new majority leader when Rasmussen is elected speaker. But when Rasmussen gets cold feet, Frank torpedoes him in the House by telling Bob Birch, the current speaker, about “Rasmussen’s plan” to usurp Birch as speaker. 

Womack goes along with whatever Frank tells him because now Womack can be majority leader since Rasmussen is out — Rasmussen has to play ball or else the DCCC will support his primary opponent next election cycle.

Meanwhile, Tom Hammerschmidt continues to be rankled at Zoe’s sudden stardom, particularly once he offers her the White House correspondent position (Janine’s position) and Zoe has the gall to turn it down. She doesn’t want to be a walking mouth-piece for the Walker administration, plus Frank won’t continue to give her any dirt if she’s working at the White House.

When Zoe turns the job down, Hammerschmidt calls her the c-word, which she immediately tweets to all of her followers and then quits the Washington Herald.

Over at CWI, Remy comes back to Claire with an offer of double SanCorp’s initial donation, $1.5 million. He says it’s a PR move and that he doesn’t want anything in return, but Frank knows better and tells Claire she has to turn it down.

Well, Frank says it’s her decision, but he more or less tells her she has to turn down the donation. This makes Claire’s upcoming gala all the more important because that’s a huge chunk of money to make up for.

We finally meet photographer Adam Galloway, who comes to town to give Claire several photographs to put up for silent auction at said gala. She and Adam make out in his hotel room, but she stops it before it goes any further.

Who doesn’t stop? Frank, as he comes to Zoe’s apartment and they consummate their relationship. It’s interesting that just a couple episodes ago Zoe was so offended that Janine thought she was sleeping with someone for all her scoops and now she’s kind of doing that. Guess it’s different since the sex happened after the scoop arrangement was made? But it’s still icky.

Oh, and Peter Russo tanks the hearing about the shipyard at Frank’s “request” and then gets hammered because he feels so guilty about all the people in his district who are going to lose their jobs. Christina finds his kids alone at his apartment and takes care of them until he stumbles home, then leaves his sorry butt — both personally and professionally.

Best lines:

Frank: “Freddy believes that if a fridge falls off a minivan, you better swerve out of its way. I believe it’s the fridge’s job to swerve out of mine.”

Felicity: “People in this town don’t go out of their way to be nice to each other.”

Zoe: “Call me whatever you want, but you should know that these days, when you’re talking to one person, you’re talking to a thousand.”

Frank: “You’ve been with older men before? Then you know they hurt you. And after they hurt you, they discard you.”
Zoe: “You can’t hurt me.”

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