meechum house of cards nathan darrow 'House of Cards' Season 2 episode 10: Watch out, Meechum. The Underwoods have you in their sightsWarning: Do not keep reading if you haven’t watched the first 10 episodes of “House of Cards” Season 2. On tap Friday (Feb. 28), “Chapter 23.”

Where we are:

This is a bit of a treading-water episode of “House of Cards.” There’s a lot of set-up, which is fine, because one assumes the payoff is coming in the final three episodes of the season. So just what is being set up?

The Tusk-Walker-Underwood showdown is coming to a head. Frank puts reporter Ayla Sayyad onto Tusk, Lanagin, the casino and Feng. She had already gotten quite a ways there on her own, but Frank pushes her farther down the path and the Wall Street Telegraph runs a story asking some big questions about whether foreign money is affecting U.S. politics.

The bottom line is that Walker is goign to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the issue, which means that it’s a bit out of Frank’s control — a scary place for our protagonist.

Again, it’s not a terribly sexy plotline. Fingers crossed it gets a little more interesting as we hurtle towards the season finale.

But speaking of sexy, it would seem the Underwoods have … kind of set their sights on Agent Meechum, romantically. Frank is definitely interested and when Claire susses that out, she gets in on the fun. Do we smell a menage a trois coming? Because it sure seems like one is.

In the midst of all the GOP/casino/Feng mess is Jackie Sharp telling Claire she won’t co-sponsor her sexual assault bill because she’s vehemently opposed to a civilian jurisdiction presiding over military matters.

Claire freaks, of course, and sics Frank on the problem, ordering Jackie to whip votes for the bill or he’ll take her out. It’s kind of a shame this plot isn’t given more screentime because there’s an interesting conversation to be had regarding how dangerous it can be to the military’s infrastructure if civilians are given purview over its interworkings.

Do not, as Claire does, mistake this for saying the military is satisfactory at handling its business regarding sexual assault. It’s not. But the larger issue, which is Jackie’s problem with the bill, is an interesting topic and it kind of gets short shrift here.

Partially because Jackie has another problem — Frank informs her that Remy has been working for Tusk, who was behind the attack ads. She feels that to be a low blow by Remy not telling her, even though it was her rule that said let’s keep our work out of the bedroom.

This is certainly the most interesting relationship on the show right now because issues are always the most tension-filled when both sides are right. Remy and Jackie both have a point here (several points, actually), so it’ll be neat to watch if they weather the storm. We do like them together.

Oh, and Doug is all butt-hurt because he’s not Frank’s favorite boy right now (Grayson is), so he goes to Rachel for some comfort — which HEROnymous tracks. Hmm.

Best Lines:

Frank: “I’ve always loathed the necessity of sleep. Like death, it puts even the most powerful men on their backs.”

Claire: “Oh, c’mon. It’s no fun to do it alone.”

Frank: “It’s not beginning the story that I fear. It’s not knowing how it will end. Everyone is fair game now, including me.”

Frank: “The only thing more satisfying than convincing someone to do what I want is failing to persuade them on purpose. It’s like a do not enter sign, it just begs you to walk through the door.”

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