constance zimmer house of cards season 2 'House of Cards' Season 2 episode 6: The heat is on, literally and figurativelyWarning: Do not keep reading if you haven’t watched at least the first six episodes of “House of Cards” Season 2. Up now, “Chapter 19.”

Where we are:

The president continues to war with the Chinese, this time about samarium, an element the U.S. needs and the Chinese have. It’s causing an energy crisis in America and, wouldn’t you know it, Raymond Tusk wants the president to deal with China while Frank wants the president to find a third party to buy the samarium from until the Chinese will play ball.

It continues to be the same storyline we’ve seen all season so far: Raymond and Frank fight like squabbling toddlers over who can get daddy’s attention. Albeit, they are exceedingly powerful toddlers, but they are acting like bratty children nonetheless.

Case in point: Raymond causes a power outage right as Frank is set to throw out the first pitch at an Orioles game. It’s certainly a funny moment, because we all know Tusk did it on purpose, but it’s just another example of their childish behavior.

Also, Frank: Did you learn nothing from President Bartlet? You gotta practice with the Kevlar, dude. It completely changes your throwing motion.

Anyway, the China backdrop, which is certainly an issue the U.S. faces now in real life, also continues to be exceedingly boring. We’ll reserve judgment until the whole season plays out, but at this point, it seems like the main plot of Season 2 has been a bit of a misstep by the show.

In other news, Claire is not content with her revenge plan on Gen. McGuinness. Now she has decided to stir up trouble for Christina Gallagher. Remember how she and Frank were wondering if Christina and President Walker had become intimate? Claire decides to plant that seed in the mind of first lady Tricia Walker.

We already didn’t really think Christina and Walker were sleeping together, but now we’re certain of it. The Walkers’ marriage is going to go down in flames because of this, but we would bet money it’ll all turn out to be false.

And finally, Lucas is in jail and feeling the heat of some hefty charges, though the plea deal he’s being offered will let him serve out his two 10-year sentences concurrently, which puts him out on parole in seven years. It’s not a terrible deal, considering he did get caught committing a federal crime.

But fighter-for-truth Lucas is having none of it. He enlists Tom Hammerschmidt to tell his story to the world, though even Tom can’t spin Lucas’ story in a way that doesn’t make Lucas sound insane. Plus, the FBI will not back down, going so far as to threaten Janine Skorsky unless she makes a sworn statement against Lucas (which she doesn’t do, but she certainly is not going to take up Lucas’ mantle).

We’re very curious as to whether this means the end of the reporters’ storyline. Lucas is going to jail and Tom and Janine have done all they can without risking their own life and limb. Is that the end of everything? Let’s hope not.

In two sideplot hook-ups, Rachel gets a visit from Doug to tell her that Lucas is going away, which means it won’t be long until she’s safe to come out of hiding. He also pretty clearly has developed feelings for her. They almost get together, but Doug stops it. What’s the over/under at how long before they do get together? Two episodes?

The second hook-up actually happens, and if you didn’t see it coming long ago, you haven’t been paying attention. Jackie and Remy end up in bed together, which is kind of nice. The two actors have a good on-screen chemistry, plus it’d be fun if Jackie started working with Tusk against Frank. We shall see.

Best Lines:

Frank: “We had heat like that back in Gaffney, but we didn’t know what air conditioning was, so we just accepted as fact that summer was meant to be miserable.”

Claire: “I just have a thing about women who sleep with their bosses.”

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