molly parker mahershala ali house of cards season 2 'House of Cards' Season 2 episode 8: 'Loyalty's not her thing'Warning: Do not keep reading if you haven’t watched the first eight episodes of “House of Cards” Season 2. Next up is “Chapter 21.”

Where we are:

In addition to working on the Long Island Sound bridge that is suddenly so important you’d think it was a colony on the moon, Frank is also maneuvering against Tusk in the wake of Tusk finally hitting the administration where it hurts.

Frank starts working with another Native American tribe, the Ogaya, to get them recognized so they can open a casino next door to Daniel Lanagin’s casino (where Feng and all his cohorts gamble all the time). But Tusk gets to the Ogaya first, by having Lanagin offer them re-enrollment in his tribe, which is what the Ogaya actually want more than being recognized on their own.

With that move out of play, Tusk tells Frank that if he’ll just help him and Walker repair their relationship, Tusk will stop the money going to the Republicans. But Frank isn’t going to back down now, so he manages to get the president on board with moving ahead on the Long Island Sound bridge.

Linda is the only obstacle, and after Frank completely flies off the
handle at her, she acquiesces that Frank is who the president will side
with and she resigns her position as chief of staff.

Frank tells Feng the bridge will be a go on one condition: Feng must cut ties with Tusk and put the kibosh on the rare earth refinery, which Feng does. Tusk is livid, so it’s time to drop the other bomb in his arsenal.

As all of this political dealing has been going on, Remy has been investigating Claire’s life, talking to Evelyn (Claire’s fired office manager from CWI) and then Adam Galloway’s former assistant. After the refinery goes belly up, Tusk gives the Galloway affair story (complete with picture) to the D.C. Daily, with his wife Jean’s f-bomb blessing, which is hilarious.

Spinoff for Jean Tusk (Peggy J. Scott), please. Can you imagine the wheeling and dealing she does within her world of St. Louis, with Jean giving the asides to the audience? It would be like the “Golden Girls” version of “House of Cards,” and it would be amazing.

Meanwhile, Claire’s poster girl for the sexual assault bill, Megan Hennessey, pulls out of meeting with the Congress members she was supposed to help lobby. It’s an interesting moment because Claire’s first response is to shake her into submission, but by the time Megan starts crying and freaking out about how damaged she is because of her assault, Claire actually seems to be human for once and gives her a hug, telling her it’s OK to back out.

Claire also still has her finger in the Walker pie, as she recommends a counselor the president and first lady can see. Claire claims she and Frank used him, which we all know is a lie, and she says there’s political cover because he’s a minister, so it can be spun as “spiritual guidance” instead of “marriage counseling.” The Walkers meet with him. How long until that gets leaked?

Oh, and Remy and Jackie are still seeing each other (and actually seem to like each other as more than a booty call); Doug is being kind of weird about Rachel (stopping by to sniff her sheets), while Rachel is hooking up with Lisa, her fellowship friend; and Remy knows Grayson is not working for him anymore and walks away from that relationship.

Best Lines:

Evelyn: “Loyalty’s not her thing.”

Frank: “I’ve never thought higher of her than I do at this moment. She lost, but she played to win.”

Raymond: “What do you think, Jean?”
Jean Tusk: “F*** him. Do it.”

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