house of lies review 'House of Lies' finale: What will happen to the pod?In Sunday, April 1’s Season 1 finale of “House of Lies,” the future of our favorite Galweather & Stearn management consultants is in jeopardy as the pod members find out whether or not their company will be acquired by MetroCapital.

It’s a high-stakes situation for folks who are used to mostly playing around with other people’s money (and futures). So, does this mean Marty, Jeannie, Clyde and Doug will be out of a job?

Showrunner Matthew Carnahan tells TV Guide that nothing is certain as the show heads into Season 2. “They may be completely blown apart from one another for an entire
season, or one of them may be stolen away. Those things all can happen
within the context of this group,” he says.

That one person who’s stolen away could be the person you least expect. While less flashy than Marty or Jeannie, Clyde has managed to garner attention for his work. In the season finale, which airs April 1 at 10 p.m. on Showtime, he’s named one of the 25 top consultants under 30. That title could opens many doors for him.
“This recognition makes him interesting to every other place, so we’ll see what happens when he sees that his own business is going under and he may have bites from other companies. It’s also fun to see what happens when my character gets a little bit of status [in the finale] and can hold something above Jeannie or Doug,” star Ben Schwartz tells TVLine.

Posted by:Jean Bentley