house of lies mekhi phifer ti showtime 'House of Lies': Matthew Carnahan calls T.I. and Mekhi Phifer an 'organic casting decision'

A lot has changed in Season 3 of “House of Lies.” After the pod was destroyed by Clyde (Ben Schwartz), it’s slowly coming back together, with a completely different dynamic. As that happens, Marty (Don Cheadle) and company are working with new clients who play a much bigger role in the show than those seen in the past.
Mekhi Phifer and Tip Harris Jr. (T.I.) play the two heads of Dollahyde, a fashion company. After growing up together in a world of drugs and violence only to make good, they are at a point in their personal and professional relationships where it’s time to sever ties. While one of them has left their previous life behind, the other definitely hasn’t.
When it came time to cast the parts, creator and showrunner Matthew Carnahan says choosing Phifer and T.I. was “a very organic casting decision.” “Both of these guys understand this world really well,” Carnahan tells Zap2it. “Both of them grew up in hard places and understand coming from very little and arriving someplace with much more and what happens along the way.”
One of the more interesting aspects of the characters is that Phifer’s Dre has formed a personal bond with Marty, something you rarely see for the head of Kaan and Associates.
“He’s such a lone wolf with no real friends and very few allies,” Carnahan explains. “We really wanted to d*** around and explore what a friendship would look like with him and the kind of risk it is for him to take, to actually begin to reveal himself a little bit in a friendship.”
Phifer and T.I.’s arc will last through the majority of the rest of the season, giving viewers plenty of time to see what exactly having Marty as a friend is going to be like. Chances are, it’s not going to be pretty.
“House of Lies” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.
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