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Ah, the joys of non-linear storytelling! The “House of Lies” Season 2 finale did make good use of its odd structure, framing everything with a group photo at Doug’s wedding. But it did make ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ a bit of a tricky example of how everything, even the unshakable pod or a Harvard-shaped cake, can fall apart in a moment.

The frame

Surprise! Doug (Josh Lawson) is married! Everyone is in Las Vegas, celebrating the happy event. Clyde (Ben Schwartz) is so happy he even allows himself to call Doug his best friend. Awww… But it’s not all kilts and Harvard cakes — there’s also a group photo.

That photo is a mess, but at least it leads us to the four different stories that make up this season finale.


Throughout the finale, Marty (Don Cheadle) is focusing on his bid to start his own consulting business. He has Pincus set to take a big deal, and every member of the pod is going to jump ship with him.

Everything’s working out. So obviously Marty has to mess it up.

Threats and distrust and sabotage aren’t enough to destroy Marty’s business plans. His personal life, on the other hand, is a mess. Marty closes his big deal and stands triumphant in his new office space.

But he does it alone. Why?


How did Doug get engaged and married within a single episode?

While out for dinner, an engagement ring accidentally appears in Sarah’s (Jenny Slate) dessert. Doug didn’t put it there, but he’s far too embarrassed to say anything and the wedding is on. Sarah wants a wedding in Las Vegas, so that’s where they go, conveniently mixing a big business deal with wedding pleasure.

All is not what it seems, however. At the altar, Sarah has a confession — she planted the ring in her dessert so that she could force Doug’s hand. But that’s cool. Sarah’s trickery only means that Doug likes her even more.

The wedding goes off with no more hitches, and Doug ends the episode as pretty much the only happy person around. Still, Doug has to think about the future — and that future looks brighter at Galweather Stern.


Clyde, for example, is very much not happy. Irritated (to put it mildly) that Marty took over a deal that Clyde feels was his, he goes to Monica (Dawn Olivieri). As always, her advice causes trouble.

What kind of trouble? That would be the leaving kind — Clyde is out and wants nothing more to do with Marty.


It’s all personal for Jeannie (Kristen Bell). She doesn’t have any professional issues with Marty’s move, but there is that wee issue about how she’s not over their drunken night together. Instead, Jeannie is in love with Marty and demands reciprocity.

She doesn’t get it. And Jeannie is tired of waiting around.

Smashed cake and shattered dreams

Where does “House of Lies” Season 2 end?

Marty finds himself alone in a pile of Harvard-shaped red velvet cake and facing a big but empty office. For once, the great Marty Kaan may have failed to close the deal.

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