house of lies 312 recap 'House of Lies' Season 3 finale recap: 'Joshua' changes everything

Just like that, Season 3 of “House of Lies” has come to an end, and where it could possibly go from here it a total mystery. It looks like Marty Kaan will be indicted, leading him to sign over total control of Kaan and Associates to Jeannie, who is responsible for him being caught in the first place. This may not have been her plan all along, but Jeannie definitely doesn’t end the season looking very trustworthy.
If you recall, Jeannie reached out to a friend over a government contract and offered to turn over incriminating evidence against Dollahyde to make it happen. With the company in shambles after the death of Lukas though, she expected that to go away. Her friend in the Department of Justice didn’t see things the same way and seized all manner of records from Kaan and Associates.
While they found nothing they could pin on Dollahyde, it became Marty’s downfall after he handed Jeannie Colossal Foods as a client at the beginning of the season, a direct rival of his organic client. It’s a bit of inside information trading, using the clients against each other so they both profit. That’s not quite legal and now Marty’s on the hook for it. Not Jeannie though, as her friend in the D.O.J. is cutting her loose.
Of course, all of this would happen after Marty finally admits to Jeannie that he loves her. Just when it looks like these two are starting to figure out their personal relationship, this biggest of possible wrenches gets thrown into the works. Jeannie looks bad here, but what happened was truly never her intention. Whether Marty and the rest of the team actually believe that remains to be seen, though.
At least one thing in Marty’s life is going well. Roscoe has gotten away from the toxic Lex and found an outlet for his creativity. Parting with Lex was an ugly affair, but in the end the Kaan men were reunited and strong, so at least Marty has that again.
What did you think of “Joshua,” and where will Season 4 will take the show?
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