hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: A Marriage Based on HonestyJoe used to be a speaker at corporate events, exhorting people to be sharks and devour their enemies. But then he got beat up in a football argument and became a sensitive guy, telling men to be nicer to their wives. This is all background to when he collapses on stage and goes through a series of diagnoses including celiac, multiple sclerosis, and low testosterone. He eventually gets cured and decides to forego the testosterone shots because he doesn’t want to turn back into a big manly jerk.

House, however, is distracted by the unexpected reappearance of Dominika, his Ukrainian wife. They have to pretend to be a happily married couple so she can get her green card, but that would involve defrauding the federal government. And House is still on parole! At least this time, the threat of prison kind of makes sense. They put on a pretty good show, but Wilson screws up his part of it and they get caught. In the end, Dominika is barely convincing enough to convince the Immigration guy to give them six more months to pretend to be married. So she moves back in with House.

Finally, House is making his team squabble over who gets to be team leader. They all know he’s doing it just to cause trouble, but they can’t keep themselves from fighting. Except for Taub, who’s playing the long con.

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