hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: All You Need Is CashRemember how Park punched her old boss? Well, her disciplinary hearing takes place at the end of this episode, and that takes up much of the non-medical discussion. After accidentally betting House that she’ll be exonerated, she ends up apologizing and not getting in trouble at all. So if you were expecting her to get fired in the fourth episode of the season, she doesn’t. What a twist!

In hospital news, this week’s patient is a captain of industry who’s thinking of moving his company to China. This provides House with a chance to beg for lots of money and Adams with a chance to talk about jobs leaving the country. He starts with something cool called “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome” and ends up with hyperviscosity syndrome brought on by Y-shaped antibodies from his rheumatoid arthritis. He ends up sending the company to China over his daughter’s objections.

In his ongoing campaign to raise money to get his old office back, House steals a laser and hocks it or something. Then he uses the money to buy a lot of stock in the patient’s company, so when the China move is announced, House makes enough money to get the laser back, give Wilson five thousand dollars he stole along the way, and buy his old office and staff back. So Chase and Taub will be back next episode, apparently.

Oh, and Adams is late for work early on in the episode. That ends up being because she just got divorced. And I think she gets officially hired at the end of the episode, which is good. I mean, she’s been spending all this time treating patients without actually being employed at the hospital, so it’s nice to get the paperwork taken care of.

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