hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Army MenIn our main medical mystery, we’ve got a story ripped from last year’s headlines. There’s this army private who leaked a video in which civilians got killed, see, and before he can be tried for treason, he’s got to be cured of whatever he’s got. And the whole time, he and his brother (a captain in the very same army) are arguing about honor and whether their father would have approved. Eventually the father turns out to have died in a garden-variety drunk driving accident and not in the blaze of honorable glory that our patient imagines. Oh, and he has typhus. There’s also a brief detour through sarcoidosis, which I swear has shown up twice as often as lupus this season. When this series ends, someone should do an infographic.

Meanwhile, House might be sick! Everyone’s convinced he’s got hepatic encephelopathy, which is some kind of liver disease you get from gobbling Vicodin for eight seasons. There are a number of things they do to confirm their diagnosis, and they all turn out to be a trap House laid for reasons he never actually makes clear.

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