hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: BullA traveling rodeo comes to New Jersey, and Lane, a bullrider, comes to PPTH after spacing out and getting trampled by an opportunistic bull. Diagnosing him is tough, since his job has left him full of broken bones held together by un-scannable metal plates, rods and pins.

Meanwhile, House is reacting to his breakup with Cuddy by staying at a really nice hotel and filling himself up with Vicodin and alcohol in between sessions with pricey hookers, and thus isn’t always available when the Cottages need him. Wilson isn’t available for any of his cancer patients, either, as he spends the episode fretting over House and running back and forth between House’s hotel and Cuddy’s office trying to find a way to make things better.

House ultimately grows bored with the hookers and the Vicodin and reports to PPTH briefly to diagnose Lane with some kind of infection, but even that doesn’t give him a rush, so he goes back to the hotel and jumps off his balcony as Wilson, just a minute too late, looks on and screams. But, of course, House is not jumping to his death but into a pool, which seems to give him whatever he was looking for at that moment. Basically, it’s House’s 15th downward spiral, and it’s almost boring enough at this point to make you want to jump off a balcony into a pool.

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