robertseanleonard hughlaurie house 290 'House' recap: CANCER!House claims to be taking a Spring Break vacation, which means that he has no interaction with his team for the entire episode. Instead, he spends the whole time administering dangerous levels of chemotherapy to Wilson in his apartment. There are many highly emotional scenes, and if you’re a fan of people waking up in a cold sweat, this is the plot for you.

Meanwhile, House’s team has to deal with a girl named Emily who has an incredibly rare genetic problem. But it has nothing to do with her mystery disease. It’s really just an excuse for her mother being a doctor who specializes in this particular genetic problem and gets in the way of the team. She’s overprotective and the father wants his little girl to have fun, so that naturally results in the two of them fighting a lot. Anyway, Emily has a tumor in her heart and her parents seem to sort of get back together at the end.

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