robertseanleonard hughlaurie house 290 'House' recap: Dream a Little DreamPark has been having sex dreams about Chase, which is treated by everyone as a crazy idea, since she’s weird. Then she has sex dreams about Taub, which he properly takes as a compliment. Finally, Chase has a dream about Park, which brings everything into balance.

In the medical mystery, an eight-year-old boy has dreams of his ancestors choking him, and then he can’t breathe when he wakes up. The symptoms also include a bruised neck and, um, levitation. The solution is either Ibuprofen or an exorcism, both of which happen at the end of the episode.

House’s ruse to keep Dominika around a little longer collapses, of course. She moves out when she finds out she’s a citizen and that House purposely didn’t tell her about the multiple notices. When House goes to get sympathy from Wilson, it turns out Wilson has cancer. But that’s for next week, probably.

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