lisa edelstein house s6 320 'House' recap: Everybody Lies. Except Martha. Also Sam.A guy who crucifies himself every year as part of a deal he thinks he made with God to cure his daughter of terminal cancer barfs blood and comes to PPTH, whose staff is in the midst of trust issues with their loved ones.

Cuddy is mad at House for lying to her, Taub is mad at his wife for having an emotional affair with a guy she met in an online support group for people whose spouses cheated on them, Wilson thinks Sam is lying in medical reports to cover up that she’s giving terminal cancer patients higher doses of radiation in a last-ditch effort to cure them, and everyone is lying to Martha to keep her from telling their patient the truth. It turns out that he has a form of MS that kills in a matter of days and the only possible treatment for it is stem cell therapy, which the patient’s religious convictions prevent him from accepting.

So House just lies to him that his daughter’s cancer never went away like everyone thought so he doesn’t have to care about God anymore. The patient readily agrees to the stem cell therapy and begins to improve. Meanwhile, Wilson proposes to Sam, only to blow it by revealing that he thinks she lied about the radiation doses to help the terminal patients. Apparently she didn’t, and she’s so insulted by Wilson’s refusal to believe her that she moves out. I hope Wilson kept the receipt from that engagement ring. Meanwhile, House is able to win Cuddy back by swallowing his pride, apologizing to her, and promising he’ll never lie again — which is, of course, another lie.

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