hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: House ArrestLet’s take care of the medical mystery first. A young man named Wacky Benny is having one of the worst Birthday Party Clown Performances ever, even before he gets puched in his Li’l Balloon Animals. The cause eventually turns out to syphilis, which he got when his biological father molested him. So basically we started with an amateur clown and then things got worse.

Meanwhile, Taub’s got his own problems, which magically parallel young Ben’s situation. His ex-wife wants to take his daughter Sophia to Portland and let her new guy Phil raise her. So House spends a lot of the episode poking at Taub about how his biological relationship to his daughters doesn’t mean he’s the best one to help raise them. Incidentally, the girls are named “Sophia” and “Sophie,” which I find interesting because I have a small white dog named “Sophie.” So I expect I’ll be able to remember those names more easily than Taub’s two ex-ladies. One of them’s Ruby, I think.

Next up, Wilson has two tickets to what Park adorably refers to as “the boxing game.” He was supposed to watch it on television with House, but now he wants to watch it from ringside. But House won’t allow this unless he can go with him, so he spends some time trying to get out of the ankle monitor. In the end, Wilson gives the tickets to Foreman, who takes House with him. Poor Wilson! Although it’s nice that House and Foreman were able to work together on something for once.

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