hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: House of LiesThe case this week involves a prosecutor who suffers a heart attack right before winning a case. Except it’s not a heart attack! Also, his house hides a secret bunker filled with guns, which his wife didn’t know about. This leads to a lot of scenes where Park and Adams argue while House encourages them to fight for his amusement. He also tries to make Park think that nobody respects her medical abilities, but her self-image seems to be strong enough to repel that assault. Anyway, the prosecutor turns out to have diphtheria, which he got as a result of not getting vaccinated.

Park, meanwhile, eventually gets fired up enough by the House-instigated fighting that she asks Chase out for a drink. That kind of came out of nowhere, and I admit that I don’t really care. It would be fun if it were never mentioned again, but I guess we’re going to have a Chase-Park thing to deal with when the show comes back.

We’ve got a couple more tiny subplots to deal with. Taub thinks Foreman should be dating more, which results in Foreman seeing a married woman. But she’s really, really fit, which I guess is what happens when you date people you meet at the gym. And Wilson thinks House has a gun but can’t find it, which leads to a pretty funny scene where Wilson’s trapped in a net, hanging from House’s ceiling. I said it was funny, not plausible. I’ll take what I can get.

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