hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: House WreckerHouse, still recovering from his leg surgery, vows to change his ways while downing Vicodin after Vicodin. He gets a new case in a genius performance artist named Afsoun who collapsed in the middle of her latest show, right before she was supposed to be lit on fire. It turns out that her PPTH visit is part of her act, too — she and her assistant/lover are secretly videotaping the entire thing and some — but not all — of her symptoms were faked. The trick for House, she says, is to figure out which symptoms are real. He easily realizes that she has terminal cancer, something she already knew after being diagnosed by her New York doctors, but when she complains of eczema, House realizes that their diagnosis was wrong and she actually has Wegener’s granulomatosis. The good news is, it’s curable. The bad news is, the treatment is radiation, which Afsoun refuses, saying the radiation she had months ago when she thought she had cancer affected her brain and made it harder for her to be a performance artist genius. Her assistant/lover refuses to watch her die, and ultimately, she decides that his love and her life is more important than her art and chooses to get the radiation.

Meanwhile, Taub is suffering from a case of Super Sperm, as he manages to get not one, but two women pregnant by accident. Yes, his ex-wife is pregnant, too. It’s the story arc that keeps on giving!

Finally, of course, this wouldn’t be a season finale of House if something totally insane didn’t happen, so after Cuddy unsuccessfully tries to talk to House about his feelings and make things better between them, she moves on and has an odd mid-afternoon double date at her home with her sister, brother-in-law, and a guy that her sister is trying to fix her up with. When House sees them enjoying life in Cuddy’s dining room, he does the only reasonable thing: he drives his car through her house and into said dining room, somehow managing not to kill or injure anyone inside. Yes, House is now actively trying to murder people, including Cuddy’s three-year-old daughter who may well have been home and in the room at the time the car went through it. She wasn’t, but he didn’t know that. So he’s pretty much irredeemable, as is, I think, this show. The season ends with House — who somehow managed to escape the police who are actively looking for him even though he was on foot and, as we know, he’s not the fastest walker — hanging out somewhere tropical and looking about as happy as he ever gets.

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