hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Livin' on the EdgeCallie Rogers is a young lady who ran away because she was tired of taking care of her drug-addicted mother. But she ended up in a nice empty house and she’s still going to high school. She’s even captain of the volleyball team. So she’s doing all right for herself, but that doesn’t stop Dr. Adams from meddling and calling social services. The mother comes by and she and Callie have a lot of arguments. Then they appear to reconcile, but then Callie sneaks out. Oh, and she had some kind of parasitic worms, as opposed to an aneurysm or alcoholism.

Meanwhile, Foreman is still sneaking around with Anita, that married lady. House blackmails him a little, but then it turns out that Anita has already told her husband about her affair. Foreman is thrown by her desire to keep going out with him while still working on her marriage, and they eventually break up.

Also, Taub is bored by his daughters and House treats a pair of Civil War reenactors who refuse to break character. Neither story is compelling, but at least the reenactors have goofy accents.

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