hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Lymphs and LimpsChase is still limping after having been stabbed in the chest last week. You’ll have to check last week’s recap to make sense out of the biology involved. He doesn’t want to come back to be on House’s team because he’s too busy having meaningless sex, but he’s willing to carve out some time for clinic duty. There, he meets a young nun who’s got trouble with her lymph nodes.

That trouble promptly spirals out of control and the symptoms include numb feet, abdominal pain and meaningless sex with Dr. Chase. Whoops! And then there are more symptoms, like blood pouring out of every hole in her face. Chase insists on operating on her himself, because why not be as unprofessional as possible? He also tries to talk her out of being a nun, but she eventually does it anyway.

Meanwhile, House is escalating a prank war against Taub, who defends himself with Krav Maga. I did not know that Krav Maga taught you how to block paintballs with a cafeteria tray.

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