hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Multiple Diagnosis DisorderIn the main case, the team deals with a fourteen-year-old girl who collapsed at her birthday party. She seems nice at first, but her story quickly goes through beats including pregnancy and a secret trove of rape-and-animal-themed pornography. She eventually turns out to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, which you might also know as Multiple Personality Disorder, or Split Personalities, or even “that thing Sally Field had in that one movie, not Gidget, later than that.” So some of her personalities have different allergies, which caused understandable problems with the diagnostic process. Anyway, she’s got cancer, too. So there’s that. But at least she’s not actually pregnant!

House mostly ignores her, because he’s more interested in diagnosing a boy who died at four years old. This is tricky for him because Foreman has explicitly barred him from doing so, so he has to go through a lot of ridiculous shenanigans to meet with the boy’s father and spy on the mother and so on. The whole time we’re supposed to pretend that House might go back to prison if he gets caught, but that seems like more of a sweeps-week thing. The boy died of a genetic condition, which is the only thing that the mother would care about because she’s very interested in moving on with her new life, new husband, and new son.

Finally, in intra-team news, Chase is somehow more interested in personal grooming than usual (I know, right?) and it’s because he got a chance to appear on a local talk show as a ridiculous Australian stereotype who gives medical advice or something. It’s relatively short and pointless, but at least the clip of Chase on the show is pretty funny.

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