hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Murphy FrownThis week’s patient on “House” saves a woman from being hit by a train and then collapses. House assumes there’s something wrong with his brain or else he would never have risked his own life to save some random woman. Martha M. Masters, of course, believes that people can be selfless and heroic and that the patient has some kind of bacterial infection with no brain involvement.

They’re both wrong, although House stops caring about any of this after about ten minutes in order to focus on Cuddy’s mother being in town for her birthday and his presence being requested at a celebratory dinner.

Wilson, whose post-breakup whining House was hoping to avoid for one night, is also invited. House deals with both Wilson and Cuddy’s mother (played by the always-amazing Candice Bergen!) by slipping sedatives in their wine. Ma Cuddy believes she got too drunk and passed out, and apologizes to House the next day for her behavior and for being an overbearing, judgmental mother.

She seems to approve of Cuddy’s boyfriend, showing that she is a terrible judge of character, and gives House his flash of diagnostic brilliance: the patient of the week has chicken pox. Also, Taub’s wife’s horniness causes them to separate.

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