hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Oh, BrotherWhile House is out of town for a few days, the rest of the Cottages tend to the patient of the week, who is coughing up blood and has a house full of crap. Literally — he’s a hoarder and his house is packed with stuff, up to and including raccoon poop. Oh, and his wife, despite her attempts to hide from the Cottages on their usual break-in inspection. The wife is suffering from the same symptoms as her husband, so both are treated for Q fever, presumably caught from the raccoons hanging out and pooping in their house. The husband recovers, but his wife, who, it turns out, is the hoarder and not her husband, continues to decline. When Masters figures out that she’s had several secret miscarriages, she comes up with a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The hoarding was the wife’s way of dealing with her grief over the miscarriages, and then both spouses got sick from the raccoons hiding in the hoard. The wife stayed sick after the treatment because of the Ehlers-Danlos. Somehow.

But we don’t spend much time with them anyway, because Hadley is finally back and getting all the camera time. It turns out that she’s been in jail for the last year, and House surprises her by picking her up at the gates and bringing her to a Spud Gun competition to try to find out what she went to jail for. Eventually, she reveals that she has a brother who also has Huntington’s (that family has NO LUCK). Or rather, she had a brother. She doesn’t anymore, because she killed him. That’s what she went to jail for. She feels very sad and alone about this, so House generously offers to assist her death when the time comes.

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