robertseanleonard hughlaurie house 290 'House' recap: Road Trip!The patient of the week is Dr. Treiber, a jerk who works in the morgue of PPTH. He’s devoted his life to cataloging the mistakes of the doctors who work upstairs, so when he comes down with a mysterious illness, he won’t let anyone work on him but House. This proves to be problematic when House is whisked away by Wilson to go on a road trip without their phones. It’s not really clear how Treiber manages to distinguish Chase’s performance from House’s, given that they’ve worked on the same cases for the last eight seasons, but Chase takes offense at this whole thing. He spends most of the episode lying to Treiber, claiming that all of his ideas are House’s. And at the end, he’s the one who correctly fingers Treiber’s antibacterial soap as the problem.

House and Wilson have a good time on their road trip. Wilson eats an eight-ounce steak and has a three-way in which only one of the two women is a prostitute. Then he reverts to his old ways and gives up on seeing Julie Christie so that he can sit with an old lady with Alzheimer’s.

And at the end, Chase decides he’s been House’s lackey long enough, so he quits the team. I’m willing to believe that this is a dramatic game-changing decision that could stick. Unlike Wilson’s cancer, which I still don’t think its going to kill him, even though the episode ended with a dramatic test result we didn’t get to see.

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