hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: The Case of the Missing SkinJamie “Apollo from Battlestar Galactica” Bamber is a beloved small-town fella by the name of Bob. And he’s got a problem when he has a heart attack in the middle of an illicit experience with Miss Cedarville. That’s her official title, not her name. As far as I know. Anyway, this drags Bob into the clutches of PPTH, where House’s team has ballooned up to four, thanks to the return of Chase and Taub.

The wrong diagnoses range up and down Bob’s body until they kind of settle into his liver, which is so bad and is going to have to be replaced. When all the Cedarvillians crowd into the hospital to see if they’re eligible to donate parts of their livers to Good Ol’ Bob, Bob takes the opportunity to confess to a wide variety of local crimes, including theft from a scholarship fund. Everyone leaves in a huff! Then Bob’s skin all peels off, then it turns out to be an aneurysm, and then he can plausibly deny even the initial escapade with Miss Cedarville. So everything’s fine for Bob, although Adams appears to have some sort of obsession with guys who cheat on their wives. So it’s going to be like that, then.

And in non-patient-related news, House spends the episode trying to get under Taub’s skin about the possibility that neither of the children he’s taking care of are biologically related to him. Taub ends up shredding the file that would tell them the answer, but it’s not like he couldn’t just take another DNA swab if he changes his mind. Oh, and House builds a secret passage from his office into Wilson’s. Of course he does.

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