robertseanleonard hughlaurie house 290 'House' recap: The Next to the Last House on the LeftWilson has five months to live, unless he agrees to go back on the chemo. And he doesn’t want to do that. He’d rather have five months of relative good health (followed by death) than a couple years of agonizing treatment (also followed by death). House spends much of the episode trying to get him to extend his treatment, but it’s strictly from selfish motives. Wilson goes back and forth and eventually House agrees to just accept having Wilson around for five months.

There’s also a patient, who has auditory hallucinations of a brother who died ten years earlier. His problem is blood in his ear canal.

During this whole time, House has been attacking the plumbing at PPTH by way of pranking Foreman. But it goes a little too far, and it collapses the ceiling above the MRI Machine. This means that the police and fire department have to be called, and House is tagged for felony vandalism. This is a violation of his parole, so House has to go back to jail for the rest of his sentence.

And his sentence has six months remaining. One month after Wilson’s due date. Bum bum BUMMMMMMMM!

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