hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: UnwrittenOn “House,” a young-adult mystery author tries to eat a gun, but has a seizure before she can close the deal. Turns out House is an unabashed fanboy who takes the case as what I’m sure is not just a distraction from his worries about not having anything in common with Cuddy, any more than it’s a naked bid for a chance to read the author’s latest manuscript.

As for the author herself, she’s proving rather uncooperative, just trying to run out the clock on her 72-hour psych hold. She even keeps mum about the metal screws in her leg so they’ll turn into tiny bombs when they try to give her an MRI. Yes, she’s still trying to kill herself, so House offers to call her bluff by giving her a syringe full of death-juice. Or so he claims, but it’s just a ruse to get her to knock herself out so they can do some tests she otherwise wouldn’t allow. And The MRI gets a chance at redemption when House asks Sam to use it to recover the new novel from the patient’s typewriter ribbon so he can read it. Strictly for clues, of course.

In other news, House and Cuddy double-date with Wilson and Sam at the go-kart track, where the competition gets ugly enough for Wilson to make an innocent comment that cracks it open for House: the patient’s thyroid gland was damaged in a car accident years ago. But she still gets paralyzed, and then refuses further treatment even though the team’s figured out what’s really wrong with her medically and could fix it if she’d just let them.

Fortunately, House also figures out what’s wrong with her psychologically: the protagonist of her books is based on her son, killed in the aforementioned car crash, for which she’s always blamed herself. But then House breaks the news that it was an aneurysm that really killed him, which gives her reason to live. She doesn’t need to know House lied about the aneurysm, so she’s ready to move on — including from her mystery series. So House saves the patient, but not his beloved book character. But at least Cuddy doesn’t dump him, so there’s that.

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