lisa edelstein house s6 320 'House' recap: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'amHouse’s team treat a bomb scientist who, by virtue of being the only attractive female in her department, has no trouble finding boyfriends among her co-workers. When she gets sick, her current boyfriend suspects that her bitter ex is poisoning her, but the Cottages prefer to stick with less nefarious diagnoses. In the end, though, it turns out that the boyfriend had poisoning accusations on the brain because he was the one poisoning her after finding out that she was cheating on him with yet another co-worker. Not like House cares about any of this, as he’s too busy trying to figure out why a boxer he bet on against Wilson lost a match after just one light punch to the face. Once he realizes the guy didn’t take a dive, he decides there must be something medically wrong with him. It takes him a few tries to figure out what it is, but eventually he diagnoses the boxer with a tumor at the back of his neck that caused him to pass out when he tensed up in anticipation of his opponent’s hit.

But that’s not all! For House also seems to be suffering from more leg pain than usual, which he treats by exercising the half-muscle and then shooting up with something that looks a lot like heroin — except it isn’t. It turns out that he’s stealing an experimental muscle-regenerating drug from a lab with worse security measures than PPTH. It’s only in the lab rat-testing stage, but it’s doing well enough there for House to decide to try it on himself. Right after he gives up on it, it shows results and he’s able to put his entire weight on his bad leg in the middle of a bar fight he started. He resumes his treatment, not knowing that the lab rats who are also taking the drug are dead. Oops!

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