hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Work It Out“House’s” latest patient is a woman suffering from vomiting, then heart issues and a fever. House’s team, now with a special bonus Chase-hired female with a background in psychiatry, have trouble figuring out what ails her because she’s living under a fake identity, the result, she says, of a previous abusive marriage. Chase’s hire provides little help, leading House to assume that Chase only gave her the job because he wants to sleep with her, although when the patient’s hallucinations and her previous symptoms disappearing lead Dr. Kelly to diagnose her with bipolar disorder brought on by her mystery illness, House realizes that it’s actually the opposite: Margaret/Jenny’s mental illness was what caused her symptoms.

Yes, Margaret/Jenny somehow managed to hide the fact that she’s schizophrenic so well that even her husband didn’t know, but her anti-psychotic meds started giving her stomach problems as side effects, and then suddenly being cut off from them when she was admitted to the hospital created all of the other symptoms except the hallucinations, which was her schizophrenia coming back. Dr. Kelly quits after realizing that she’s not good enough to be on House’s team, but it’s all good for Chase, because he gets a date out of it.

And House and Cuddy’s relationship reaches yet another stumbling block when she finds out that he’s still seeing his massage therapist/former hooker and he accuses her of hiding her daughter from him. In the end, he agrees to stop seeing the massage therapist/hooker and she invites him over for dinner with the child.

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