70070382 21224353 'House' recap: You're Risking a Doctor's Life!The patient of the week is a heroin addict who might have an ulcer or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but really inhaled a branch. He gets very little attention, because (as even House admits) nobody cares about the medical details. More attention is given to House trying to get out of going to jail for flushing those season tickets down the drain, but no one will help him.

But the real drama comes from House, alone in a burning building with a corpse, talking to figments of his imagination that include Kutner, Cameron, and Stacy. We never learn just how the building caught on fire, but it probably has something to do with House being out of his mind on heroin. Anyway, he burns to death and there are some very touching eulogies.

And then he’s not really dead, so he and Wilson go and ride motorcycles for a few months until Wilson presumably dies. The end!

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