Next Tuesday, House returns for its fifth year and, as we learned from executive producer Katie Jacobs a few months back, things will not be the same — not after last year’s season ender in which Wilson’s girlfriend Amber lost her life. I’ve received several queries with regard to what’s coming up, so I’m going to spill some of what I know…

Hi! LOVE your blog! Do you have any House spoilage for us? I SO LOVE THAT SHOW AND HUGH LAURIE!! THANKS! -Nancy
House spoilage, hmm… Can you be more specific? Did you want to hear about Wilson peacing out on Princeton Plainsboro? About House outing 13’s Huntington’s diagnosis to the entire team? Or about the premiere episode being one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve seen in a while, largely due to a certain doc’s biting wit? Seriously, several slam dunk cracks just in the first few scenes.

I’ve been reading a lot of House spoilers lately and heard that House and Wilson are breaking up. What does this mean? -Karah

It means their bromance is dead and was buried right along with Amber, aka Cutthroat Bitch (can we still call her that?). Wilson claims he doesn’t blame House for her demise, but I do believe he holds him somewhat responsible, and forgiveness seems unlikely at the moment.

House is my favorite show. I actually love all the characters, even the new ones, but now people are saying that Wilson will end his friendship with House and I’m starting to get really worried. Does this mean they’re fazing him out of the show, like they did with Cameron and Chase? -Erin
Sources tell me Robert Sean Leonard is spending just as much time on the House set as he ever did, so I don’t think you have too much to worry about.

Please, please, please tell me that Cameron and Chase are going to get more screen time this year. I really miss them. -Pat

I’m pretty sure they have two scenes a piece in the season premiere, which is more than we saw them in several episodes last year. There is also an hour coming up that focuses quite directly on the two of them — they are still a couple, btw — but, sadly, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be yearning for more. I spoke to Jesse Spencer at the Fox fall launch party on Monday and he was looking nicely tanned and totally relaxed. I asked him what his work schedule is like these days and he said that it’s still pretty light.

Hey Korbi, any new news on the rumored House spin off? -Aaron

Indeed. We’ll meet Michael Weston‘s P.I. character — the character they’re considering for the new series — in House‘s second episode this season. And I must say, I’m already sort of into him. He’s a bit quirky, of course, but cute and charming at the same time. He seems to understand quite a bit about human nature, though he isn’t real smooth when it comes to women. Oh, and his trademark? He wears argyle socks — it’s sweet, I swear.

I hope that satisfies your House needs for today, but if you’ve got more questions, email me asap at, because I’ll be face-to-face with the cast tomorrow afternoon and I’m happy to ask them whatever your hearts desire…

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