house series finale 1 'House' series finale: Get a look at House's last caseWe’re happy to report that the series finale of “House” does not take place in jail, at least not entirely.

That’s not exactly a spoiler, although after the end of the May 14 episode it’s still in doubt whether House (Hugh Laurie) will have to report back to jail if his parole is revoked. In the clips below, though, he’s doing his best to stall and get whatever time he can with Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard).

Wilson isn’t actually in any of the clips, but there’s a reference to Leonard’s past in the first one, when House asks, “Haven’t you ever seen ‘Dead Poets Society’?” The reason behind his seemingly newfound altruism is explained in the second scene, and in the third, you meet the patient of the week, played by James LeGros, who has become a go-to guest star of the spring (see also “Girls” and the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale).

The series finale of “House” airs at 9 p.m. ET Monday (May 21) following a one-hour retrospective at 8. Take a look at the previews:

Posted by:Rick Porter